Alyce original
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: light Brown
Occupation(s): N/A
Family & Friends
Family: The Jandy Family
Relationships: Andy Jandy(Father)

Joe Jandy(Father)
Ana Salvatore (Sister)
Rumble Jandy(Sister)
Maya Jandy(Sister)
Nemo Salvatore(Sister)
Stefan Salvatore (Brother in law)
Damon Salvatore (Brother in law)
Tiago Mellark (Biological father)
Juan (Biological father)

Other Information
Series Information
  Alyce Mellark-Jandy is the Fairy Sim counterpart of Glee Wiki user AlyceInWonderland. Alyce is the twin sister of her brother Kyle and daughter of Tiago Mellark and Juan Jan. Though her parents devorced her father Tiago would soon get engaged to his now fiance Happy Person. Because of her parent's close friendship with the Jandy family Alyce developed a strong sisterly bond with the Jandy girls. She is an Alumni student of McKarthy High and a current student at SYADA University where is earning a degree in Communications.


Like her father and twin brother Alyce was born a fairy. Happy, her step father noted that her wings were so beautiful that they made him think of snow because of how pure her heart was. But some would not think the same. Because of the purity of her wings people sought to absorb her essence and harness the power for themselves. Because, this meant her life would be forever in danger Tiago with the help of Andy and his youngest child Maya found away to use her magic to suppress Alyce's fairy half.

In the fall of her ten years,Alyce's best friend, Maya returned from Hoswart after spending six months there to control her powers as they became irate. On that night, Maya had cast a spell that reawakened Alyce's fairy abilities that were bound by her when they were young.