General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green/Gray
Occupation(s): N/A
Family & Friends
Relationships: Maya (Girlfriend)
Friends: Lily (Best friend)
Other Information
Series Information

Jer Loren Cabello is the human Sim counterpart of Glee Wiki user BitchTookMyPillow. Jer is best friends with Joe Jandy and is good friends with Lily Mellark, Nemo Jandy and Tae Mellark. He is also the boyfriend of Maya Jandy. Jer was the lead singer of his cover band "andPOP". His mother, Mrs. Cabello, is a kindergarden teacher, and his father, Calvin Cabello, is a former Navy captain.


Jer grew up not too far from Maya in a house close to the shore that was at the edge of town. Though their relationship did not become romantic until years later, Jer and Maya still had had a very healthy friendship.