Nemo headshot
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): N/A
Family & Friends
Family: The Jandy Family

The Salvatore Family

Relationships: Andy Jandy(Father)

Joe Jandy(Father)
Stefan Salvatore (Husband)
Damon Salvatore (Brother in law)
Ana Salvatore (Sister/In Law)
Rumble Jandy(sister)
Alyce Jandy(Sister)
Maya Jandy(Sister)

Friends: Tae


Other Information
Series Information
Nemo Rose Salvatore is the human Sim counterpart of Glee Wiki User SamcedesandKlaineForever. Nemo is the daughter of Andy and Joe. Initially Nemo was the middle sister of Ana and Maya, until Rumble was adopted. Nemo is a graduate of  McKarthy High and is now earning her degree in Communications.  Just like her older sister Ana they both seem to draw supernatrual attention to themselves unwillingly. As she got older she and her sisters, along with Alyce moved into a house together where she stayed until she was engaged and married to Stefan Salvatore. 


Past SeasonEdit

Nemo is the daughter of Andy and Joe sim. She is the third oldest of all the girls and also the "motherly" one of the group. Before Maya

Nemo and her older sister Ana

it was just Nemo, Ana and her two dads who spoiled them with any and everything she ever wanted. Once her baby sister had arrived Nemo was somewhat apprehensive about this big change at first, but soon learned to grown into a very protective big sister. Years later her parents temporarily took in their friends' kid, Alyce who stayed with them for a few years before moving back with her dad who was now divorced and single. In the meantime while they were taking care of Alyce, Nemo met a "free spirited" girl who went by the name of Rumble. She had a spark in the inside of her that seemed to never tire and it always pushed out and shined in her personality. Seeing that she had no place to stay Joe and Andy took her into their home adding a new addition to the family.

During the Summer season Nemo and Rumble spent a lot of their time playing with Ana at the Summer festival. Rollerskating was on of their favorites of all the activities. One day while she wondered off Nemo stumbled upon a dashing young man who at first glance had no words to share with her no matter how hard she may have bugged him. Finally she got a name out of him. "Stefan" and with a faint smile he walked away and she was in love.