~~ Wiki Announcements ~~
Welcome to The Sims Chronicles' first Wiki Announcement blog! I really hope that most of you are enjoying the wiki so far as I've been working really hard to make things fun and exciting and hopefully if I'm lucky even get your help and input to create materiel. Also if this is your first time I'd like to thank you for taking the time out to check out my wiki. With this wiki anyone can be invoked in helping by getting involved with many different aspects of the story which is the beauty of this fan fic. From original characters to story suggestions. All is welcomed.

There are a lot of exciting things happening throughout the wiki that helps turn this wiki from having most people look around to being more involved in building a fun environment for everyone. With that being said lets get into the first three features to look out for during the coming days on the wiki.

  • "Chronicles" blogs
  • Wiki Announcements 
  • Character Potentials 

Coming Soon
  • Chronicles 

Chronicles are mini story plots that take place outside of the main stories. Sometimes the material used is non-canon and can be considered filler. Though on some occasions these minis will be used to introduce to plots to the story and also give more insight to situations within the main story. Some CMs may last one short blog while some may have longer installments.

  • Wiki Announcements

With announcement blogs there will be times where more exciting information that will be added to the wiki needs to be shared with the public. Most of them will be found on the home page with a link that will guide you to the entire announcement post. These blogs are probably the most frequent once that will appear as many big and exciting things will be coming up in the wiki!

  • Character Potentials

The Character Potentials blog is one of the many ways people can get involved with the story and how it progresses. Character Potentials lets you pick a character for that particular season, episode, or for the entire series. With polls and the use of the comment section you can vote on the next character but don’t fret! If your beloved character doesn’t make it to the first episode they will be placed into the next set where it can be voted on again.

In the business of editing and coming up with new things, creativity is everything. No matter what position is needed, from art and nice looking templates to just here to having a good time, we ( well it's just me xD) look for people with big ideas and the skills to make them a reality. If you’re ready for the creative and fun challenge of a helping out with the wiki, there may be a spot for you on the TSC team. Interested?